Based in Marseille, Parallèle is a production and programming platform for dance, theater, visual arts, and performance, dedicated to a rising generation of local, national, and international artists. Parallèle supports artistic projects in development, accompanies artists in their evolving careers, and fosters the renewal of forms and languages.

Festival Parallèle, developed in partnership with several local cultural spaces and one of our annual highlights, shares these forms with an ever-growing and highly-attentive audience. At the heart of the festival are the artists and projects supported by our platform. Featuring dance, theater, performance, and visual arts, this international, multi- and trans-disciplinary event is a boon for their visibility, revealing the aesthetic prowess and sharp intelligence of today’s emerging artists.
Each year, Festival Parallèle attracts a number of international programmers. It acts as an incubator, a space of qualitative visibility for artists. Its impact becomes increasingly clear year after year, as we watch these artists go on to share their work in some of France and Europe’s most influential spaces.

Making art accessible to people of all ages and socio-economic backgrounds is central to our ethos. Festival Parallèle programming also includes art classes for children, critical thinking and visual workshops for teens and young adults, as well as immersive projects for young arts professionals. Headquartered at Coco Velten, a shared space in Marseille’s Belsunce neighborhood, Parallèle organizes its events — from artist talks to ateliers — with the help of our neighbors and other locals.

Parallèle is a part of several informal networks and co-op projects around the world: Be My Guest, international network for emerging practices; More Than This, and Festivals of the Future, both supported by the European Union.

Direction and programming
Lou Colombani

Pauline Mairone

Festival coordination
David Dibilio

Giulia Galzigni, Alice Fabbri, Pauline Mairone

Communication, press
Julie Maraillac

Production and communication assistants
Louis Grimandi and Marine Brilloit

General management
Guillaume Parmentelas

Raphaël Arnaud

Video and photo reportage
Margaux Vendassi et Camille D. Tonnerre

Artists reception
Alexane Poggi

Graphic design
Manon Bruet and Spassky Fischer


Translation and interpreting
Anna Cummings

Association Office
Sophie Lemaire
Vice President
Solange Dondi
Béatrice Simonet
Assistant Treasurer
Sophie Clot
Jean Daniel

Board of Directors
Aurélie Berthaut
Alexandre Field
Alain Fourneau
Maxime Kottmann
Sarah Olaya
Sebastien Pons
Ferdinand Richard


The team of the Festival Parallèle answers you to +33 (0)6 63 64 25 83.

If you have a question regarding the ticketing, you can write to

Special thanks

To all of our partners.

To the members of the La Relève 4 selection committee.

To the technical teams and Elsa Buet.